About Us

Deborah and Sheneau Stanley have been married since 1976.  They have six children and two wonderful granddaughters. Sheneau writes, “Like many people, we have gone through rough times in our many years (38 years as of this writing) of marriage. This has been our training ground. The books we’ve both read, along with teachings, seminars, small groups and leaders who have poured their love into us, have laid the foundation for our work. No marriage or family is perfect and neither is ours. But we can say that we truly love each other and love being together.”

“Our ministry was born out of walking our own lives out through much struggle, grief and pain.”  Sheneau and Deborah are both ordained ministers and ‘Pastoral Coaches.’ They believe it is important to bring both the spiritual realities and the practical realities together. They see themselves as a father and mother in the faith, ready to help others grow up to maturity. Sheneau believes, “All things are possible with God. We know this because of all the miracles we have seen in our own lives. What we share is not book knowledge but life knowledge. We know God is real and that He loves you.”


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