Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Living Free Ministries wants to enable individuals to find their clear purpose, to release the power of God within them, to reach their goals and fulfill their lifelong dreams, and to see transformations in their lives. 

Our Mission

Living Free Ministries is committed to providing high-quality seminars, life coaching, and teaching to individuals, marriages, and families: 

  • To assist each person to discover, develop and know who they are and where they are going in their life, with direction and purpose. 

  • To assist and support each person to hold to their highest dreams and desires, to reach a better and more fulfilled level of life for themselves, their families and  lifestyles. 

  • To be dedicated and available to pray for and listen to the specific needs and strategies in each person’s life: in personal development and growth, marriages, parenting, health, careers, business, retirement, etc. 

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