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We have several seminars. The Freedom Encounter Seminars, Parts I-III, 15 sessions, are summarized in this section.  All Freedom Encounter Seminars are meant to be stand-alone sessions, and work in concert together with each giving information and exercises to teach and help you to get set free. It is not necessary to attend Part I first to benefit from Parts II and III.  You are invited to attend any or all of them in any order to experience Freedom and miracles.

Freedom Encounter: Part 1

Five Sessions in Part I are described as follows:

Led by the Spirit.  All have struggled with walking their lives out with and for Jesus. These seminars are made to help become aware of and to get past the roadblocks, the hindrances, that have trapped people into unhealthy habits and thinking. 

New Identity.  Our fight is between walking in the Holy Spirit or allowing our body or soul (mind, will and emotions) to control how we live and react. Our past, whether we acknowledge it or not, has a lot to do with how we live and react today. Relationships with parents, grandparents, step-parents, foster parents, parents of boyfriends/girlfriends, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, teachers, pastors, etc., have a profound effect on how we see life. Our goal is to help each of you (including Deborah and me) to love God, others and yourselves more every day of your lives.  

Get Out of Jail Free Card.  Bitterness is the first subject that is covered and will be dealt with, as it invades in any and all areas of our past and current history. It is amazing how Jesus can bring healing to our broken hearts and helps us to see through a Kingdom of God perspective. 

Nothing But the Truth.  Forgiveness and Lies versus Truth are topics that are covered and necessary to recognize to be set free.  Lies that we have believed will be countered with the Truth from the Word of God.   There are purposes in your life that the enemy of your soul does not ever want you to accomplish. We are here to work with Holy Spirit to help you change the way you think and believe. 

Choosing Life.  It is amazing how vows, judgments and just flat-out rebellion against God will rob us of an abundant life. The truth is we have a CHOICE to believe and see Jesus change our lives. The question is, will you make that choice?  This seminar starts us in the right direction.

There have been many that have gone through the Freedom Series that are now walking in the Spirit and their lives have and will forever be changed because of Jesus’ blood on the cross, which purchased that Freedom.  I promise that Jesus will meet you, heal your heart and bring you Freedom. We have faith because we have seen Him do it over and over again. 

Freedom Encounter: Part ll

Five Sessions in Part II are described as follows:

Acceptance.  Many of us have either been rejected or perceived rejection from others in our past. Anyone who comes from a broken home will have some issues of rejection and abandonment. We will go over both the practical ways of getting free along with the spiritual dynamics of getting free. We were never meant to walk with rejection and it truly does and will steal life and joy. This session will teach Acceptance to help you to live freely. 

Living in Grace & Mercy.  Accusation issues play havoc and destroy relationships. How many of us grew up in such a family where we were constantly accused, in one way or another? Or do we do that to others and don’t realize it? Accusation comes from the enemy of our soul and Holy Spirit wants to show us how to live without it operating in our lives.  How do we react when accused? There is a Godly way to respond.

Love Like Jesus.  Unloving ways of living are generally missed as we do not even recognize what we are doing, which is causing others to want to run away. We do feel it ourselves when another’s words and actions are done to us, but we do not even understand what is happening. The devil wants us to hate God, hate others and hate ourselves. By the way, the hardest person to forgive is usually ourself. When we are taught the truth from God’s Word, our relationships with others will blossom.

No More Fear What a huge mess fear brings to our life.  Some fears are subtle and others are very obvious. Fear will rob your joy and life. Fear of stepping out and using the gifts God has given you. The fear of being hurt will cause us to close people off. Problem is you place this wall of protection up and it keeps love from flowing both ways. We are not able to love others freely and we are not able to let others love us. We will walk through many different fears. I had them in my life. What are you afraid of? As stated in the Word of God, “we were not given a spirit of fear!” And perfect love casts it out. If you want to be free of fear, Jesus will help you do that.

Strengthening Our Spirit.  How do we strengthen our spirit man so when trials, temptations and tribulation come, we do not fall? There are specific ways the bible teaches us to do this. In the session you will see the different ways we can do and react, there are many more ways of doing this than most people think. The results will cause you to love God more than ever before. And along with that, you’ll love others and yourself even more.

Freedom Encounter: Part llI

Five Sessions in Part III are described as follows:

Seeing Clearly.  Jealousy and Envy will destroy your relationships, bad behaviors reacting inside you when you are thinking you should have what others have. Usually these destructive behaviors are very subtle. Ever think, why does everyone else get blessed?  This sin will bring strife, division and death into relationships. Jesus wants us to live in a continual state of thankfulness. Holy Spirit will show us how to break these patterns and be set free.

Godly Habits and Behaviors.  Addictions: What can we say about them? Much of our society today is addicted to one thing or another. Whether it is food, illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, sex, pornography, sports, TV, video games, movies, parties, etc. Any or all of these will steal your life and joy. We have seen many marriages and families break up with any number of these issues. There are more to the list, by the way. How do we break addictions? We’ve seen addictions broken by the power of God in a moment, but in most cases it is a battle. But freedom will come. I know that from my own life, it will come.

Creating New History.  Generational consequences/sin are more evident today than ever before, and so is the need to get free from them.   How often we coach people and find out that not only their father/mother but their grandfather/grandmother had the same problem. We’ve actually been able to trace back three generations of sin in some cases. Example: A couple comes in because the husband/wife wants a divorce. We ask them if they have children, and often they do, say ages 5 and 7. Then we ask if their parents are still together, and in many cases, it is No. We then ask them how old they were when their parents divorced? They answer, say ages 5 or 7. This has happened too many times to count.  We see it over and over again: alcoholism, drug addiction, sexual sin (out of wedlock births, abortions, rape, incest, etc.) and the list goes on. So many people are affected. If that is your family, then someone in your family line has to stand up and stop the sin. Will you be the one? We are here to help you do that.

Exposing Deception.  Many deceptions will be covered, including Occult and Masonry, and we will define and teach what God says about them in His Word.  Have you ever used a Ouija board?  Had your palms read? Went to a psychic? These may seem harmless, but they are not. What about your parents, grandparents or great grandparents, have they ever done these things? Can this really affect you today? Do you have Masonry in your background? How does this affect us? Some have delved even deeper into the occult world and we are here to say that it does have negative effects in our life. Many of us have problems in our lives because of past occult practices, some or all may not even know it is affecting them. We’ve seen lives change overnight through the power of God.

Hearing God.  Can you see, hear, sense God clearly? Do you want to? The first time we heard others give out Words of Knowledge (a gift of the Spirit) and saw that their Word were true, we were astounded. Can God really speak to us today like that?  We are here to tell you, Yes!!   God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit are continually speaking to us. We must learn to tune into Their Voice. Most people hear God but dismiss it because of lack of understanding. By the time this session is finished, you will believe that you can hear God’s Voice for yourself.  Jesus said, “My sheep hear My Voice.” And Yes, He wants to speak to everyone, not just to those who spend hours a day on their knees praying. And No, you do not have to earn the right to hear God. He loves you and wants to help you walk this life out in VICTORY.


Many have come to the Freedom Encounter seminars and their lives are changed forever. I personally know what it is like to not feel good enough or qualified enough to teach, speak or lead others. You don’t have to feel that way anymore. These seminars will help you be a better father/mother, child, husband/wife, leader and friend. We guarantee the eyes of your heart will be opened. Not only will you be free, God will help you to free others too. 

“Jesus, may Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done in our lives and in the whole world. Amen.” 

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